Search Filed Reports HELP


Search for and view all reports filed with the Secretary of State by candidates, candidate committees, political committees and political advocacy committees, who have registered and filed their reports using the Campaign Finance System (CFS).

A user can search filed reports by choosing at least one search filter. Using multiple search engines will narrow your result:

Search results are returned in a grid view and can be sorted within each column by using the arrow at the top of the column or exported to your local computer in Excel or CSV format.

The indication of “paper” in the last column means the user filed reports by paper rather than using the online system. These reports can be viewed; however, they are not searchable on the system.

NOTE:  Use of the CFS is not mandatory; therefore, reports filed by candidates or committees who have not registered and filed on the CFS are not searchable.  You may; however, search the "reports" and view them in pdf format.